Hey girl: Travelling alone; keep these things in mind!!

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Be free, travel alone and explore the world!

In the growing trend of solo trip and its increasing popularity, Not only boys, but even girls, enjoy travelling alone. Girls find it fascinating to explore alone and to experience a journey all alone. On the lonely road, many new experiences are discovered. Though, its a great step to encounter fun and excitement all along but playing smartly and keeping safety measures are must.

It is said that there is not a better companion than loneliness. That’s why the trend of traveling alone is growing very fast these days. Not only boys but girls are also enjoying solo traveling. Many new experiences are found during these journeys. However, the thrill during solo traveling is equally risky. So, to avoid that risk of happening unfortunate during the trip. So, here are some tips which can guide you during your trip.

  • Avoid Travelling at night :

Take special care of what time you will reach your destination. Try to reach your destination only in the morning or in the day. Night travel is riskier for the girl travelling alone. And by chance if you are travelling at night than always remember to keep a distance from unknown people don’t fall pray in someone’s action or direction.

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  • Explore, communicate but don’t trust any :

Meet new people, talk, explore and communicate, but avoid getting mixed up too soon. Do not drink with new people. If someone gives you something to eat do not refuse directly ignore or avoid that.

  • Ask a lot of Questions :

Run your tongue like scissor wherever you go. Ask a lot of questions. From the manager of the hotel in which you are staying or from the driver of the taxi taken to and from the local people. You should be well aware of where you are. You should have a enough knowledge about the pace your are in either its a city, or a hotel or any other country.

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  • Go with the flow:

To travel alone, first of all you have to keep your mind still and your mood up to explore a lot and lot of things. Be quite but also be loud to have curiosity for new learnings and new adventures. If you are planning a trip to escape from a breakup or from a personal problem, then you wont be able to enjoy your trip that much. Though, Try to leave your tension at home. Or in case if you go in such situation than always open yourself for new things and new happenings. Have a mood like GO WITH THE FLOW.

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Go With Flow!
  • You are your best friend :

Learn to have a chat with yourself. Because while traveling alone, sometimes it becomes very difficult to spare time. In such a situations, if you do not have the habit of spending time with yourself, then the trip will go reverse to you and will end up being a bad and boring experience for you.

Benefits of Traveling Alone as a Solo Female Traveler - BREATHE TRAVEL
You are your best friend, enjoy, play and have fun!

Wish healthy life for you….

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Rishikesh- Best to spare time in summers!!

These 10 Places To Visit In Rishikesh In May Must Not Be Missed!
Rishikeh- Your new destination to find solace!

The summer season has arrived. In such situations, we all plan trips. Some with friends, some with their family, and some love to go on a solo trip! In such a situation, if you are planning to go to a hill station, then explore a new place this time. This time plan a trip to Rishikesh.

So, let’s know some amazing facts about Rishikesh. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, the city itself is magnificent to witness the natural beauty. This place connects you to nature. Though by visiting Rishikesh one can enjoy some beautiful moments away from the rush of everyday city life peacefully. 

Yoga In Rishikesh Images - 5 Yoga In Rishikesh Photos, Picture Gallery of  Yoga In Rishikesh

If you are planning for Rishikesh, then do not miss enjoying camping there. And if you are with your friends on the trip then definitely these camping experiences will turn out as golden memories to you for a lifetime. Even if you are on a solo trip, it will be great to enjoy and to communicate with new people, have friendships with unknowns, and can to explore a world.

Also, a variety of adventure sports activities are organized in Rishikesh. Such as coin capping package. The package also includes interesting activities like river rafting, trekking and cliff jumping. You can also enjoy steamers here. Not only this, but you can also swing the popular Ram Jhula-Laxman Jhula here. You can overcome your fear by taking part in such adventure sports which are thrilling yet amazing.

World's Best Adventure Sports in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

If you are tired of your daily routine life, then you can get relaxed by visiting a small beach on the riverbank in Rishikesh. The breeze and the serenity over there will provide calmness and solace. The loneliness over there will give relief to your soul.

So friends, if you are going to Rishikesh, then remember these things. If you want to see nature closely, then you can enjoy Ram Jhoola and Laxman Jhula as well as can enjoy spectacular photography there.

Remember, this life is only one opportunity. So, learn to respect your breath. Pay their debt. And yes, live every moment to the fullest.

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Wanted to look young visit this mysterious hill!!

Dhosi Hill In Haryana And Aravalli Range - Nativeplanet

A place where one can restore its beauty, through the gift of nature. Let me tell you today about this unique hill, which is located in Haryana. The secret of looking young and beautiful is hidden on this hill. Yes, we have brought this unique feature of the Dhosi hill near the Aravalli mountain range.

There are many secrets of Ayurveda associated with this hill. Ayurvedic medicine named ‘’Kayakalp’’ is always used to look young and beautiful. Not only for the Skin but this medicine is also used for better health.

Let me tell you that Chyawanprash, the greatest discovery of Ayurveda, is also from Dhosi hill. The Dhosi hill is a dormant volcano in the north-western part of the Aravalli mountain range. Let me tell you that the mention of this hill is also found in various religious texts. There has been no eruption in this volcano for thousands of years.

A Journey to an Extinct Volcano and Origin Place of Chyawanprash - Dhosi  Hill - Tripoto

The Dhosi hill lies on the borders of South Haryana and North Rajasthan. The Haryana part of the hill is located in Mahendragarh district and is 5 km from Narnaul on Singhana Marg and the part of Rajasthan is located in Jhunjhunu. The Dhosi hill is also called the ‘Miracle hill’.

It is said about the Dhosi hill that this hill has absorbed the great qualities of the great Vedas, great persons, sages. According to the epic Mahabharata, this hill originated in the Treta Yuga. The Pandavas came here about 5100 years ago during their exile. Although geologists say that there has been no volcanic eruption in the Aravalli mountain range in the last 2 million years, it is not correct to consider it as a volcanic structure.

Dhosi Hill In Haryana And Aravalli Range - Nativeplanet

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One night stay- Get gold iPad!

Burj Al Arab - The World's Only 7 Star Hotel, Dubai
A dream hotel….. Burj Al Arab

Isn’t it surprising, though you will be shocked to know that you can get a free iPad made of 24 carat gold by just have a stay at a hotel. Let’s check out some more interesting facts to make this happen to grab a gold iPad.

While booking any hotel, we see some special things. As such, people usually book hotels by looking at room rates, location, hotel amenities and comfort. But we are going to tell you a hotel where if you stay, then you get a gold-made iPad from the hotel.

Burj Al Arab - Pictures and Photos of Interiors

Though, I was not that surprised to hear this. Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel is considered among the most expensive hotels in the world. The special thing is that 24-carat gold iPad is given to the guests who check in at this hotel. Along with the iPhone company, the logo of Burj Al Arab is also inscribed on this iPad. The only purpose of giving iPads is to provide the guest a special and royal experience at the hotel and their visit.

Turj in Arabic language means tower. So, this Burj Al Arab means the Tower of Arabia. This hotel is called as the Pride of Dubai. Let me tell you that this is the third highest hotel in the world. The hotel is situated on a small island connected to Dubai. Its height is about 280 meters. There is a small pool to reach the hotel from Dubai. It is operated by a company called Jumeirah.

Burj Al Arab - The 7-Star Hotel In Dubai

You can also have a pleasure of one of the best meals in this hotel. The restaurant in this hotel makes very tasty food. The restaurant is named Al Muntaha, which is around 660 feet high from the ground. From here you can see the beautiful views of Dubai. You can also admire a restaurant surrounded by marine like this restaurant called Al Mahra. In this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious food while looking inside the sea.

Along with this, a helipad is also built just above this hotel. To reach the hotel you must first go to Dubai. Several air flights are available from Mumbai-Delhi to reach Dubai. In Dubai, many means are easily available to reach Burj Al Arab.

So, what is the delay this time after reaching Dubai Trip, plan to reach this majestic hotel and encounter the most luxurious lifestyle!!

Dinner at the Burj Al Arab: Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara | The National

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On a solo trip: Tips & Tricks to guide you!!

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If you are fond of traveling alone, then definitely have a track on some of these small tips.

Time have changed a lot. Earlier, people used to go out on holidays with their family and friends. But nowadays the craze of solo travelling is increasing from over one decade. So, if you are also fond of traveling alone, then these are some must to take care tips that you should always remember –

1. If you are traveling in a bus and feel uncomfortable from the person sitting to your nearby, change your seat immediately. While traveling in the train, always prefer to sit aside a family this will make you comfortable and provides a sense of security.

2. If you are traveling in auto, always keep your GPS and map on. This will help you track your location and provides vital information that where you. In this world of fraudsters this is must to do thing to avoid people take advantage.

Places to travel alone for women - Best Travel Blog & Adventure News|  Heyraahi

3. During the journey, do not talk to strangers more, nor eat anything given by them. Often people fall prey to poison in such cases. So, be smart and take every step consciously in your solo trip.

4. While traveling in the train, keep your luggage next to you at bedtime, so that no one can sit near you. And always remember to lock your luggage.

Unlock, travel: Solo travel picks up pace, customised self-driven options  take the front seat - The New Indian Express

5. During your flight, keep all the belongings in the space above your seat. The important items are necessarily to be placed on the convenience tray made in front of the seat. Moving here and there in the flight can mix your stuff with others. So, keep a check on this and also carry lighter bag, it will be convenient throughout your trip.

6. Always go on a solo trip with your utmost surety to manage everything by your own.  Carry the necessary goods according to your journey, so that you won’t have to ask for anything to the strangers.

7. Keep your close relatives or friends on mobile speed dial. Try to be in contact you’re your well-wishers and known so that they can have a track on your location and can help you when you need.

8 Places in Southeast Asia Ideal for Solo Travel - eDreams

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Spiti Valley : Where adventures define life!!

Spiti Valley in February - A Comprehensive Guide & Itinerary

Voyaging to this excluded Himalayan valley is a unique experience in many ways, once you reach you feel revitalized  once you leave you will miss it immediately and a part of yourself will always dwell remain in that valley. As soon as you enter the valley you will witness a different world begin to witness a different realm where the journey defines the adventure and excitement lies rather than the destination. Life changing and self-determined, often risky adventures which forces you to have firsthand encounter with the different part of yourself . A world mindboggling enough that  you are yearning to watch.

Spiti Valley is one such cold magical desert realm situated in the lap of the mighty Himalayan ranges and having western fringes of the Tibetan plateau flanking it. One could spectate the barren mountains, the pristine lakes, sparsely populated villages, mesmerizing monasteries, old shattered bridges, enticing stories, rich culture and an entrancing lunar surface.

It has a distinctive Buddhist culture and is one of the least populated regions of India and the gateway to the northern most area of India. The highlights of Spiti valley are the Ki and the Tabo Monasteries. Tabo monastery is about 1000 years old and is often referred as ‘Ajanta of Himalayas’. Ki Monastery is the highest altitude monastery in India and is 2nd highest in world. Hikkim near Spiti Valley is credited as to have the world’s highest pooling station.

Key Monastery, Spiti Valley: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Spiti Valley is the only valley in the world which has a fixed population in every village and this is written at the entrance of the village.

The transformation of Spiti Valley from season to season is drastic. In the winter season, it is a white sea covered with snow to feast your eyes upon Surprisingly enough the Valley is closed due to its extremely low temperature for many times in the calendric year. People living their come down to live for some couple of months. Nako lake in Kinnaur locale is fully frozen in winters and is used as a place for ice skating by the locals as well as the tourists or adventurers.

Best Hotels Near Nako Lake, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley’s landscapes leave you speechless, the roads that bring you there leave you breathless. Driving there by your own bike is the best way to discover and feel the connection with the place. This is the most spiritual, peaceful and picturesque place to visit. This place has a magic and serenity which magnetizes and pulls everyone throughout the year. One can rent a room after reaching to the valley. Earlier there were no such hotels or cabins but in the last couple of years there has been an dramatic increase in the number of hotels and cabins to choose which are very comfortable for the visitors and travelers. Earlier, travelers used to reside in the houses of locals as paying guest and were even welcomed with warm hands by the locals There is not much are varieties in the  food available people living there usually consume Maggi, eggs or some non-vegetarian food.

In summers the temperature of the Valley is maximum of 15°c and is the best time to visit the valley. In winters the drop in the temperature is extreme and can go below -40°c. Habitants of the valley shift to other places as all the ways are blocked due to heavy snowfall. Rainy season is the riskier time to travel to the valley because of the probabilities of landslides.

Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley 2021: All-Season Guide
Love, peace and serenity embraces this valley

The thing which always attract a lot of travelers to visit Spiti Valley again and again in a short span of time is the peace over there, the serenity and solace people find there is one the best and most important outcome of their whole trip and the troubles and adventures that most of the travelers face in the duration of the trip are worth the reward. Visitors feel a deep connection with the land, its naturality and its fascinating landscape are over their head lifetime. Travelling to Spiti Valley and communicating with its people has made realize that inner satisfaction is all that a person needs. This place makes everyone to be in love with the peace and harmony and a distinct culture all over again.

Wish healthy life for you….

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A place where even flowers seems to have a chat with you….!

Plateau 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download | Wallpaper Flare
Amazing Yeah, This is Kaas plateau Satara

It’s the place where one can admire to the most mesmerizing views, can feel the liveliness in the lap of nature and can find peace…..

Here are some important to know things about Kaas plateau, which will definitely make you think to visit this amazing plateau!

Kaas plateau Satara or Kaas pathar falls under the Sahyadri sub-cluster of the western Ghats. It is located 25 km away from the Satara city in the Maharashtra state of India. The plateau is made up of volcanic rocks. It is also listed in the UNESCO biodiversity World heritage site in 2012. Kaas pathar is also is known as the value of flowers. The area of plateau is about a thousand hectares. It is an incredible plateau for flora, nature lovers and landscape photographs. Plateau is primarily known for numerous species endemic butterflies and varied types of seasonal wild flower bloom in the month of August and September. Kaas has more than 850 species of flowering plants.

Kaas Plateau Thoseghar Waterfall 30th 1st October 2017 - Satara |  MeraEvents.com

Things to do –
First and foremost thing to do in this amazingly beautiful valley is to beholding natural and colorful flower blooming during the peak season time. The view of the mountain, valley and river is mesmerizing. There is a lake of lotus flower and water lilies named Kumudini which sets a picture-perfect mood. At the side of the road, one can also have a view on Urmodi dam from where a view of flowing water and natural beauty is spectacular and striking. On this trip to Satara plateau, one can also acknowledge a full flow of serenity the highest waterfall of India, Thoseghar waterfalls. There are two of them, the small one is viewed in closer vicinity and the higher one from the distance in viewing gallery. The trip ends up in this scenic way is beyond anything.

Things to do – Patilwada

How to reach –
The Kaas plateau is closest to the Mahaleshwar and Satara cities in Maharashtra which has connectivity from all means to another city. This plateau does not have flight or train connectivity and is 25 min far from Satara so one can reach through bus from the nearest bus station. You can also reach here from Pune and Mumbai via NH4 which will reach out to Satara.

Best time to visit –
Best time to visit Kaas pathar is in the season of full bloom flower in August and September from 15 August to 7th of October. The season time may vary according to the flower bloom but this time is most suitable. The plateau can also be visited in October to July without flower bloom.

Kaas Plateau (Kaas Pathar) Satara - Places To Explore During The Trip

Pack your bags and visit as soon as possible…..but right now be safe, be at your place and be haelthy….

Wish healthy life for you….

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Phases of life

Life isn’t it difficult task , it is that journey in which we go through different phases in which we revolve around.
Our life is to short when we have to acheive something big but it’s too long when we have no goal . The life without goals is said to be life without any path. The goals of our life make us realise that we have to do something in our life.
Wasting time is one of the great mistake that we probably do. But neither than this the mistake is to wait for the right time to do something. We shouldn’t wait for that time , do whatever u want now. No time will come to you and tell now this is the time to do this work.
Great things happen when you distance yourself from all the negetive energies. These negetive energies always lead to distraction. The distraction from our goal will always make us polozise. So to keep ourselves distance from these negetive energies will make us acheive our goals.
All we need in this life is ignorance and confidence and then success is sure. If we are confident that what we are doing is the preparation of the recipe of success than ignore all the negetiveties and just be confident about your work.